Saturday, November 13, 2010

Return to Armageddon Campaign News - Scenery WIP

So here is the first piece of scenery for our Return to Armageddon campaign. I built a storage facility out of a soup can. (Inspired by the Apocalypse book) Since my orky city is going to be looted Imperial Ruins/Buildings, I figured, I would make this an Imperial Storage facility, then "loot" it.

Here it is before it is "proppa"

And the back.

The ladder was made from staples, cut paperclips, and a LOT of paitence.

And here it is all orky and "proppa"

And the back all orky and "proppa". (note the ork skull glyph)


Mike Howell said...

Great stuff! Propped indeed.

Auberoun said...

? Proppa- orky for Propper