Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to my Bad Moons blog!

Well, under the advise of a friend (Thanks Mike), I finally decided to do a seperate blog for each of my current projects. Since I have so much done for my Bad Moon Orks for Warhammer 40K, I decided to start with them.

I started my Orks near the end of May 2008 in preparation for a tournament. I had to have 1000pts painted by June 8th, 2008. I made it, and I continue to work on my orks a bit every week. I also am working on Empire for Warhammer, (See the Empire blog ), (Not to mention the PILES of scenery that I have to build and paint.) But, that is another post for another blog. This blog is dedicated to all things orky. Check back from time to time for ideas, background stories, paint schemes, conversion ideas, and best of all...the pix!
Until then, let out a mighty waaagh! And bash a few 'eads for good measure! (note, the bashing of 'eads is a metaphor only and the author does not condone the bashing of anyone's 'ead accept where permissable by law.)

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Mike Howell said...

You lot lissen up! Da Moonz haz da shiny wotsits, but da Goffs is da dead stompiest, hear? We'z gonna meet up for some krumpin and den we seez whos gotz da real Waaagh!